Explanation of Kata Names as used in Shito-ryu Kofukan:
Shiho Sanshiki: Four directions, three sets
(Shi →4, Ho→direction, San→3, Shiki→set/system)

Pin’an Shodan: ”Peace” 1st step/level

Pin’an Nidan: ”Peace” 2nd step/level

Pin’an Sandan: ”Peace” 3rd step/level

Pin’an Yondan: ”Peace” 4th step/level

Pin’an Godan: ”Peace” 5th step/level

Roppo Hijiate: Six ways of elbow strike

Gekisai Ichi & Ni: ”Smash/destroy” 1 & 2

Annanko: Unknown. Some call it ”Ananko”. In this case, it may be the name of a disciple of Buddha, which is Anan. ”Ko” is an honorific name so this could be ”Lord Anan”.

Bassai Dai: ”Break a fortress” Large version

Kosokun Dai: ”Kosokun” is the rank of a Chinese envoy who visited Okinawa and showed some Chinese martial arts. So this kata is probably the kata he taught. ”Dai” suggests that this is the original version.

Kururunfa: Unknown. (May be ”stop the on-coming enemy and destroy”.)Matsukaze : ”Wind blowing through pine trees”Naihanchin Shodan: Unknown. Probably ”Steps with inward stance”. 1st step/level. (We call it ”Naihanchin”. Some call it ”Naifanchin” and some others call it ”Naifanchi”. It is a matter of pronunciation of the same name and a proof that its proper original name and meaning are unknown.)Nipapo: ”Twenty eight steps”.

Saifa: Unknown. (May be ”smash/destroy”.)

Sanchin: ”Three battles”

Sanseiru: ”Thirty six”

Seienchin: Unknown. May be ”conquer far and subdue” in Shito-ryu. (Goju-ryu people call it ”Seiyunchin” meaning battle to control bow.

Seisan: ”Thirteen”

Suparinpai: ”One hundred and eight”..

Tensho: ”Rolling hand/palm”

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